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Program Areas & Departments



​NERC's Standards program ensures the reliability of the bulk power system by developing quality reliability standards in a timely manner that are effective, clear, consistent and technically sound.


 Reliability Risk Management


The ​Reliability Risk Management program's goals are to enhance reliability and serve as a learning initiative by providing timely lessons learned from system events, conditions, and trends.


 Electricity ISAC


E-ISAC gathers security information, coordinates incident management, and communicates mitigation strategies with stakeholders within the electricity subsector, across interdependent sectors, and with government partners.


 Compliance & Enforcement


The focus of NERC's Compliance & Enforcement program is to improve the reliability of the bulk power system in North America by fairly and consistently enforcing compliance with NERC standards.




The ​Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis program assesses, measures and investigates historic trends and future projections to improve bulk power system reliability.


 Training & Certification


Training & Certification ensures personnel operating the bulk power system are well-trained and certified to operate the system reliably, and provides training for industry and staff on compliance programs and reliability standards.

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