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NERC, AGA Launch Security Information Sharing Effort to Leverage Gas-Electric Interdependency, Cooperation
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the American Gas Association have launched a new grid and energy delivery security partnership that takes advantage of the growing interdependency and collaboration of the natural gas and electricity industries.
Under the partnership, staff from the Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (DNG-ISAC) will join the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC) in Washington, D.C., to improve coordination on potential security risks related to critical electricity and natural gas pipeline infrastructure.
The partnership between the E-ISAC and the DNG-ISAC builds on the long-standing efforts of the gas and electricity industries to address supply interdependencies by developing a robust information exchange on shared security risks.
Posted On: 04/04/2017

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