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NERC Highlights 10-Year Anniversary as the ERO
Statement from President and Chief Executive Officer Gerry Cauley:
Today marks the 10-year anniversary of NERC’s certification by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO). During this time, the ERO has become a high functioning, strategic and mature organization. The ERO has been a successful model to assure the reliability of the bulk power system by combining essential industry expertise and regional perspectives with independent governance and regulatory oversight.
Since being certified as the ERO, NERC has fostered a culture of reliability excellence by adopting and promoting the use of risk-management approaches across ERO program areas and by promoting risk-informed and prioritized actions by industry. There has been on an upward trajectory of significant improvements achieving a better state of reliability.
NERC’s Reliability Standards development and compliance and enforcement processes are more efficient and effective. As cyber and physical security risks have grown, the ERO has continued to improve standards and the capabilities of the E-ISAC to ensure a comprehensive approach to security and reliability. Through reliability assessments, special reports, detailed and systematic root cause analysis of bulk power system events and analysis of overall reliability performance trends, stakeholders are more equipped to learn from past events, prioritize risk mitigation and adapt to the constantly changing risk landscape.
We also continue to strengthen our partnerships across North America, including those with Canada, Mexico and other stakeholders. While each individual stakeholder within the ERO has its own footprint, only NERC, as the international ERO for North America, covers the entire interconnected bulk power system. We gain significantly by working together to address shared challenges, including the changing resource mix, severe weather, relay misoperations and emerging security threats.
Looking toward the future, we will continue to take a long-term view on maintaining and improving the reliability of the bulk power system, while at the same time, addressing existing and emerging trends. Our accomplishments and activities, with support from FERC, have enabled NERC to unify ERO priorities and achieve a sharp strategic focus on the most serious risks to reliability. Even given considerable achievements, experience proves that we must remain vigilant. The ERO is well-positioned to achieve its mission to maintain and enhance the reliability of the bulk system in the coming decades.
Posted On: 07/20/2016

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