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Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)
MISO is a not-for-profit, member-based organization administering wholesale electricity markets that provide customers with valued service, reliable and cost-effective systems and operations, dependable and transparent prices, open access to markets, and planning for long-term efficiency. MISO manages energy and operating reserves markets, which consists of 12 BAs, including the MISO BA (reliability), 28 local BAs, and 362 market participants, who serve approximately 48 million people. This section assesses the reliability of this market area— consisting of seven Local Resource Zones (LRZs)—during the next 10 years. MISO developed LRZs to reflect the need for an adequate amount of Planning Resources located in the right physical locations within MISO to reliably meet demand and loss-of-load expectation (LOLE) requirements.
Recent Boundary Changes
MISO is expanding its reliability and market areas into the South, with six Entergy operating companies, Cleco, and South Mississippi Electric Power Association (SME) working toward full integration into MISO’s market operations by December 2013. Two additional Local Resource Zones (LRZs) will come out of this expansion. LRZ #8 consists of Entergy Arkansas and Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), and LRZ #9 consists of all other integrating entities. MISO plans on assuming reporting responsibilities for the southern MISO Region in next year’s (i.e., 2014) assessments. However, in this year’s assessments, the SERC-W Assessment Area is reporting for the majority of LRZs #8 and #9, with a portion of LRZ #9, Louisiana, being reported by the SPP Assessment Area (Cleco, Lafayette Utilities System, and Louisiana Energy and Power Authority).
Long Term Reliability Assessment Methods and Assumptions
  • 2013 LTRA Part II
  • 2012 LTRA Part II
  • 2011 LTRA Part II
Summer Reliability Assessment Methods and Assumptions
  • 2013 SRA Part II
  • 2012 SRA Part II
  • 2011 SRA Part II
Winter Reliability Assessment Methods and Assumptions
  • 2013 WRA Part II
  • 2012 WRA Part II
  • 2011 WRA Part II

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