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SERC – West*
SERC – West*
SERC‐W is an assessment area covering portions of four southeastern states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas) and including the SPP RC entities registered in SERC. The eleven registered BAs serve about 5.3 million people across approximately 91,000 square miles.
Recent Boundary Changes
Significant footprint changes will be completed by December 2013. In 2014, Entergy will be reported by MISO, and it is anticipated that several of the remaining entities in SERC-W will also join MISO. The SPP RC is working with Entergy and MISO for the transition to the MISO RC footprint and for the eventual transition into the MISO BA Area and the MISO Market. The transition to the MISO RC footprint began in June 2013, and the transition of these entities to the MISO BA and the MISO Market is expected to occur in December 2013. This transition is expected to result in significant changes in flows, as compared to what has historically been observed and managed using existing congestion management processes. SPP and MISO are evaluating ways to mitigate reliability concerns from these operational changes by improving how flows are accounted for and by reviewing congestion management techniques for potential enhancements. These coordination activities are expected to ensure the continued reliable operation of the interconnected transmission system.
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Long Term Reliability Assessment Methods and Assumptions
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Summer Reliability Assessment Methods and Assumptions
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Winter Reliability Assessment Methods and Assumptions
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