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Inactive Reliability Standards
The standards included on this page are inactive in the United States.  A standard becomes inactive at midnight on the day immediately prior to the effective date of the superseding standard.
A table is appended to the last page of each standard showing the United States effective dates, if applicable. Please also see our US Effective Dates web page to view the applicable dates of each standard by status. 
Related information including, but not limited to, the development history, applicable compliance documents, and implementation plans can be found at the related information link to the right of each standard.
Please send any questions or comments to

To filter the list of standards, please select a status from the table below. 

 Inactive Reliability Standards

expand Standard Family : (BAL) Resource and Demand Balancing ‎(26)
expand Standard Family : (CIP) Critical Infrastructure Protection ‎(72)
expand Standard Family : (COM) Communications ‎(10)
expand Standard Family : (EOP) Emergency Preparedness and Operations ‎(25)
expand Standard Family : (FAC) Facilities Design, Connections, and Maintenance ‎(21)
expand Standard Family : (INT) Interchange Scheduling and Coordination ‎(29)
expand Standard Family : (IRO) Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination ‎(42)
expand Standard Family : (MOD) Modeling, Data, and Analysis ‎(39)
expand Standard Family : (NUC) Nuclear ‎(4)
expand Standard Family : (PER) Personnel Performance, Training, and Qualifications ‎(8)
expand Standard Family : (PRC) Protection and Control ‎(60)
expand Standard Family : (TOP) Transmission Operations ‎(34)
expand Standard Family : (TPL) Transmission Planning ‎(28)
expand Standard Family : (VAR) Voltage and Reactive ‎(20)

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