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Project 2017-01 Modifications to BAL-003-1.1

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An additional Standards Authorization Request (SAR) for BAL-003-1.1 Frequency Response and Frequency Bias Setting was submitted by the Northwest Power Pool Frequency Response Sharing Group.  A 30-day formal comment period on this SAR is open through 8 p.m. Eastern, Friday, December 1, 2017.
Two Standards Authorization Requests (SARs) were received for modifying BAL-003-1.1.  The first SAR was submitted by the NERC Resource Subcommittee (NERC RS) and was posted for industry comment from June 19, 2017 through July 18, 2017.  The second SAR was submitted by the Northwest Power Pool Frequency Response Sharing Group (NWPP FRSG). This SAR proposes a two phase approach to modifying the current standard.
The supporting documents for BAL-003-1 were developed using engineering judgment on the data collection and process needed to determine the Interconnection Frequency Response Obligation (IFRO) as well as the processing of raw data to determine compliance. Now that the standard is in place and the data is available for analysis, minor errors in assumptions as well as process inefficiencies have been identified.  It was anticipated that as frequency response improves, the approaches embedded in the standard for annual samples may need to be modified.  In addition to fixing the inconsistencies identified in the Frequency Response Annual Analysis Report, the drafting team may separate the administrative and procedural items and reassign them to an alternative process subject to ERO and NERC Operating Committee approval.
Standard(s) Affected: BAL-003-1 Frequency Response and Frequency Bias Setting | BAL-003-1.1 Frequency Response and Frequency Bias Setting

Purpose/Industry Need

The NERC RS SAR and the Phase I portion of the NWPP FRSG SAR propose to revise the BAL-003-1 standard and process documents to address: (1) the inconsistencies in calculation of IFROs due to interconnection Frequency Response performance changes of Point C and/or Value B; (2) the Eastern Interconnection Resource Contingency Protection Criteria; (3) the frequency of nadir point limitations (currently limited to t0 to t+12); (4) clarification of language in Attachment A, i.e. related to Frequency Response Reserve Sharing Groups (FRSG) and the timeline for Frequency Response and Frequency Bias Setting activities; and (5) the BAL-003-1 FRS Forms need enhancements that include, but may not be limited to, the ability to collect and submit FRSG performance data. Additionally, the supporting procedural and process steps may be removed from Attachment A and captured in an ERO and NERC Operating Committee approved Reference Document such that timely process improvements can be made as future lessons are learned.
The second SAR proposes a two phase approach.  The first phase will address the issues identified in the initial SAR submitted by the NERC RS.  The scope of the work identified in the second phase will be to (1) establish a real-time reliability standard addressing the necessary frequency response to maintain reliability; (2) establish comparability for the correct responsible entity; (3) develop real-time measurements incorporating topology difference, and (4) eliminate the incorrect indicators.




Draft Actions Dates Results Consideration of Comments

Standards Authorization Request
(submitted by NWPP FRSG)

Supporting Materials

BAL-003 Technical Document

Unofficial Comment Form (Word)​

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​11/02/17 - 12/01/17 ​Comments Received
Supplemental Standard Authorization Request Team Nominations
Supporting Materials
Nomination Period
07/27/17 – 08/09/17
Standards Authorization Request
(submitted by NERC RS)
Supporting Materials
Unofficial Comment Form (Word)
Comment Period
06/19/17 - 07/18/17 Comments Received
Standard Authorization Request Drafting Team Nominations
Supporting Materials
Nomination Period
06/19/17 - 07/03/17




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