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Compliance Violation Statistics
Each month the NERC Board of Trustees Compliance Committee (BOTCC) is presented with compliance violation statistics. These statistics provide the committee with information regarding new violations that were identified during the current month, as well as updates to previous violations that are making their way through the compliance process. The information presented at these meetings contains both confidential and non-confidential material. In May 2008, the BOTCC began to conduct open quarterly meetings. At these meetings, nonconfidential compliance statistical information is presented to the committee and the public participants that attend. This information, as well as monthly non-confidential statistics, is now available and posted on this website in the form of violation and mitigation process state flow diagrams and supporting statistical tables.
Violation and Mitigation Process State Flow Diagrams
NERC Compliance staff developed a set of process state flow diagrams to assist in monitoring the progress of violations and associated mitigation plans as they move through and follow the NERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP). These diagrams show how many violations are in various ‘states’ and ‘sub states’ of the CMEP at the end of each month. These ‘snapshot’ values are denoted above the sub state name. The diagrams also show how many new violations were submitted into the process since the previous month (denoted on the extreme left of the flowchart); as well as the corresponding change in a sub state (denoted within the sub state box). Mitigation plan numbers are presented by individual violation mitigation plans. A definition for each sub state is included on the summary tables for information.

 Compliance Violation Statistics

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