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Organization Certification
Entity Certification — NERC shall provide for certification of all entities with primary reliability responsibilities requiring certification (BA, RC, and TOP). This includes those entities that satisfy the criteria established in the NERC Provisional Certification Process. Provisional Certification Process - All Reliability Coordinator Balancing Authorities, and/or Transmission Operators that were already registered and operating on June 18,2007 become “NERC Certified” upon completion of (1) a NERC Readiness Evaluation (on site activities completed by the evaluation team); and (2) a CMEP audit (on site activities completed by the audit team) after June 18, 2007. Recertification on a periodic basis of these entities will not be required. Demonstration of ongoing satisfactory performance of applicable RC, BA, and TOP functional requirements shall be accomplished by completion of a CMEP audit.


The certification process shall be completed within nine months of the date of acceptance of the application unless agreed to by all parties involved in the process and approved by NERC. After the entity has been awarded certification, the Regional Entity(s) shall notify all applicable entities as to the date that the entity may begin its operation as a certified entity. The entity must commence operation within 12 months of certification. Failure to begin operation within the 12-month period shall require the entity to reapply for certification.


 Organization Certification

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