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collapse Header : 2011 Compliance Workshop - Atlanta, GA ‎(3)
Draft Agenda. Compliance Workshop Survey12/2/2011PPF99MV.htm
System Account12/4/2012 2:14 PMApproved
Draft Agenda12/2/2011December Compliance Workshop Agenda.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:13 PMApproved
Workshop Slides12/9/2011Compliance Workshop Slides.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:12 PMApproved
collapse Header : 2011 Compliance Workshop - Chicago, IL ‎(3)
Workshop Slides6/24/2011Compliance Workshop Final Combined Presentation.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:17 PMApproved
Survey Form6/24/2011Compliance Workshop Survey 6-21-11.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:17 PMApproved
Draft Agenda6/17/2011Draft Compliance Workshop Agenda 6-16-2011.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:17 PMApproved
collapse Header : Compliance Enforcement Initiative ‎(22)
Overview of Compliance Enforcement Initiative9/21/2010Auditor Workshop CEI Presentation_risk_egk_20110916.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:36 PMApproved
NOP Spreadsheet9/30/2011NOP Spreadsheet Template.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:36 PMApproved
FFT Spreadsheet9/30/2011FFT Spreadsheet Template.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:36 PMApproved
Notice of FFT Treatment9/30/2011Notice of FFT Treatment.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:35 PMApproved
Webinar Presentation-CEI Initial Filing and Next Steps10/13/2011Webinar_Presentation_CEI_10132011.ppt
System Account12/4/2012 2:35 PMApproved
Compliance Enforcement Initiative: Initial Filing and Next Steps11/8/2011Michael_CEI_EBA_Final.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:34 PMApproved
Compliance Enforcement Initiative: Initial Filing & Next Steps12/6/2011Michael_CEI_DEC2011_Final_updated120811.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:34 PMApproved
Three-Month CEI Status Update12/13/2011December_13th_Industry_CEI_Webinar_Presentation.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:33 PMApproved
CEI NARUC Panel2/5/201202-05-12 CEI NARUC Panel_Final_RJM.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:33 PMApproved
CEI Webinar Find, Fix, Track and Report (FFT) Update2/8/2012CEI FFT Update Webinar.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:32 PMApproved
NERC's Compliance Enforcement Iniative Find, Fix, Track and Report Implementation2/22/2012Session 09 - Compliance Enforcement - Ed Kichline (NERC).pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:32 PMApproved
NERC Update CEI Initiative & ERO Strategic Plan2/28/201203 Kichline - Compliance Seminar Charlotte - Feb 28-29 2012 - NERC Update.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:31 PMApproved
NWPPA Presentation3/1/2012CEI_NWPPA_Final_RJM-030112.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:29 PMApproved
NERC's Compliance Enforcement Iniative Find, Fix, Track and Report Update3/26/2012CEI Order Slides 3-26-12_NAGF -Final.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:26 PMApproved
The Compliance Enforcement Iniative & Enforcement Discretion4/16/20125_Kichline_Enforcement Update_sc+tm_edits04102012-Final.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:24 PMApproved
NHA: NERC and Regional Entity Role in Enforcement4/17/201204-17-12 NHA Enforcement Presentation - KCL final.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:24 PMApproved
EEI - NERC'S Compliance Enforcement Initiative Find, Fix, Track and Report Update4/25/2012EEI REAC CEI Update Slides 4-19-12.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:22 PMApproved
EBA Annual Meeting: Evolving Electric Reliability Regulation4/26/2012NERC_EBA meeting 04-26-12.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:21 PMApproved
FERC Trilateral Meeting - NERC's Compliance Enforcement Initiative Find, Fix, Track and Report Update5/10/2012Trilateral CEI Update Slides -5 10 2012.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:21 PMApproved
 CEI Update Webinar July 11, 2012. Streaming Webinar, ReadyTalk Conferencing 7/11/2012Playback.htm
System Account12/4/2012 2:21 PMApproved
CEI Update Webinar July 11, 20127/11/2012Final July 2012 Industry Webinar CEI Presentation.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:20 PMApproved
NERC Guidance on Self-Reports10/17/2012NERC Guidance on  Self-Reports.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 2:19 PMApproved
collapse Header : Compliance Issuances Quarterly Reports ‎(1)
Compliance Issuances Second Quarter Report7/6/2010Compliance_Issuances_Q2_2010_Report.xls
System Account12/4/2012 2:39 PMApproved
collapse Header : Compliance Sanction Guidelines ‎(1)
Sanction Guidelines of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation1/15/2008Appendix4B_Sanctions_Guidelines_Effective_20080115.pdf
System Account12/4/2012 1:49 PMApproved
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