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Agenda-Improving_Human_Performance_on_the_Grid_20140317.pdfImproving Human Performance on the Grid - Conference Agenda0 - Improving Human Performance03/18/2014
Speaker Bios 20140317.pdfSpeaker Biographies0 - Improving Human Performance03/18/2014
Excellence in Human Performance.pdfExcellence in Human PerformanceShane Bush1 - Excellence in Human Performance13/18/2014
2014 03-18-14 NERC Just Culture Briefing.pdfCulture Trumps Strategy, So Why Not Make Culture Your Strategy?Monika Bay2 - Culture Trumps Strategy, So Why Not Make Culture Your Strategy?23/18/2014
Just Culture Workshop Notes.pdfJust Culture Chart Circuit Exercise - "What Gets in the Way"Monika Bay2 - Culture Trumps Strategy, So Why Not Make Culture Your Strategy?2.13/18/2014
Heino - BEPC Compliance Learning Presentation 2014.pdfAre You Positive? An Evolving Outlook on Compliance LearningShari Heino3 - Don't forget positive reinforcement33/18/2014
AAR - 26 March 2014.pdfAfter Action ReviewsJake Mazulewicz4 - The After Action Review (AAR): How do we capture these lessons?43/18/2014
Rob Fisher - NERC Atlanta 3-14.pdfTask vs. Job - Is it the symptom or the problem?Rob Fisher5 - Is it the symptom or the problem? Job tasking versus Job Scoping53/18/2014
NERC-Fatigue-MacKenzie (clean).pdfFatigue and Human PerformanceCheryl MacKenzie6 - Fatigue and Human Performance63/18/2014
Legatt NERC Human Performance 2014.pdfSupporting and Strengthening Operator Awareness and EngagementMichael Legatt7 - Supporting and Strengthening Operator Awareness and Engagement73/18/2014
NASPI_Silverstein.pdfSynchrophasor technology and human performance in the control roomAlison Silverstein8 - North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) Supporting Operator Awareness83/18/2014
Muschara NERC Uneasiness HO 3-18-14a.pdfChronic Sense of Uneasiness - Stimulating Risk-Based ThinkingTony Muschara9 - A Chronic Sense of Uneasiness - Stimulating Risk-Based Thinking93/18/2014
NERC 2014 David Bowman.pdfOrganizational EffectivenessDavid Bowman1 - Organizational Effectiveness13/19/2014
SEC's HU Implemenation Process Update.pdfHuman Performance Implementation Process Update...A Contractor's PerspectiveDonovan Guilbeau2 - What can our Contractors tell us about HP?23/19/2014
CRM_NERC_Presentation.pdfCrew Resource ManagementRed Smith3 - Crew Resource Management33/19/2014
AppliedFiction_NERC_HumanPerf_Presentation_031814_Final.pdfApplied FictionChris Lazzaro/Charlie Evans4 - Applied Fiction43/19/2014
NERC general session.pdfSustaining Reliable Human PerformanceEarl Carnes5 - Sustaining Reliable Human Performance53/19/2014
NERC 03-14 Harvey w NERC Removed.pdfAre We Touching Everyone Who Touches The Grid?Tom Harvey6 - Did we forget about the rest of the company when rolling out HP?63/19/2014
NERC2_2014_Future of Human Performance CLEAN.pdfThe Future of Human PerformanceTim Autrey7 - The Future of Human Performance73/19/2014
Ron Fenex NERC 2014.pdfHPI...Is it Art, Science or Passion?Ron Fenex8 - Human Performance Improvement...Is it Art, Science, or Passion?8.13/19/2014
WECC 2014.pdfWECC - 2014 Human Performance Work GroupJohn Patton/Ron Fenex8 - Human Performance Improvement...Is it Art, Science, or Passion?8.23/19/2014
NAGF Human Perf Workshop 031814 Allen Schriver.pdfNorth American Generator Forum - OEWGAllen Schriver8 - Human Performance Improvement...Is it Art, Science, or Passion?8.33/19/2014
2014 NERC HP Conf Kent Peterson.pdfHuman Performance Improvement InitiativeKent Peterson9 - Human Performance Improvement Initiatives9.13/19/2014
NERC HPI Presentation Brad Perrett.pdfMinnesota Power's Intro to Operational ExcellenceBrad Perrett9 - Human Performance Improvement Initiatives9.23/19/2014