Rules of Procedure

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NERC and NERC members shall comply with these Rules of Procedure. Each Regional Entity shall comply with these Rules of Procedure as applica​ble to functions delegated to the Regional Entity by NERC or as required by an appropriate governmental authority or as otherwise provided.

Each bulk power system owner, ​operator, and user shall comply with all NERC Rules of Procedure that are applicable to such entities by approval pursuant to applicable legislation or regulation or pursuant to agreement.
Any entity that is unable to comply or that is not in compliance with a NERC Rule of Procedure shall immediately notify NERC in writing, stating the rule of concern and the reason for not being able to comply with the rule.
NERC shall evaluate each case and inform the entity of the results of the evaluation. If NERC determines that a rule has been violated, or cannot practically be complied with, NERC shall notify the applicable governmental authorities and take such other actions as NERC deems appropriate to address the situation. 
NERC shall comply with each approved Reliability Standard that identifies NERC or the electric reliability organization as a responsible entity. Regional Entities shall comply with each approved Reliability Standard that identifies Regional Entities as responsible entities. A violation by NERC or a Regional Entity of such a Reliability Standard shall constitute a violation of these Rules of Procedure.  ​

Rules of Procedure (without Appendices)8/17/2021
Rules of Procedure (including Appendices)8/17/2021
Appendix 2Definitions Used in the Rules of Procedure1/19/2021
Appendix 3A Standard Processes Manual (March 1, 2019)3/1/2019
Appendix 3BElection Procedure for Members of NERC Standards Committee10/4/2013
Appendix 3DRegistered Ballot Body Criteria (March 9, 2018)3/9/2018
Appendix 4AAudit of Regional Entity Compliance Programs10/4/2013
Appendix 4BSanction Guidelines (January 19, 2021)1/19/2021
Appendix 4CUniform Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (June 8, 2018)6/8/2018
Appendix 4DProcedure for Requesting and Receiving Technical Feasibility Exceptions to NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards7/1/2016
Appendix 4E Compliance Certification Committee Hearing Procedures, Hearing Procedures for Use in Appeals, and Mediation Procedures3/1/2019
Appendix 5AOrganization Registration and Certification Manual (January 19, 2021)1/19/2021
Appendix 5BStatement of Compliance Registry Criteria (January 19, 2021)1/19/2021
Appendix 5CProcedure for Requesting and Receiving an Exception from the Application of the NERC Definition of Bulk Electric System 1/19/2021
Appendix 8NERC Blackout and Disturbance Response Procedures (July 1, 2014)7/1/2014
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