Fast Facts
​NERC is an international, independent, not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to ensure the reliability of the bulk power system in North America.
Bulk Power System Oversight:
NERC oversees reliability for a bulk power system that:
  • Provides electricity to 334 million people
  • Has a total electricity demand of 830 gigawatts (830,000 megawatts)
  • Has 211,000 miles or 340,000 km of high-voltage transmission line (230,000 volts and greater)
  • Represents more than $1 trillion (US) worth of assets.
Brief History:
NERC was founded in 1968 by the electric utility industry to develop and promote rules and protocols for the reliable operation of the bulk power electric transmission systems of North America. Click here for more on NERC’s history and evolution.
Principal Activities:
  • Works with the industry to develop reliability standards
  • Enforces compliance with those reliability standards and assesses monetary and non-monetary penalties for noncompliance
  • Assesses future bulk power system reliability via annual summer, winter and 10-year forecasts
  • Analyzes system events
  • Promotes a culture of excellence by identifying areas for improvement and Examples of Excellence during regular “readiness” evaluations
  • Monitors the status of the bulk power system
  • Coordinates physical and cyber security needs
  • Identifies trends and potential reliability issues
  • Helps the industry train and educate system operators
  • Certifies system operators
Atlanta Headquarters:

3353 Peachtree Road, N.E.
Suite 600, North Tower
Atlanta, GA  30326
United States of America

404-446-2560 - Phone
404-446-2595 - Fax 
Washington office:

1325 G Street, N.W.
Suite 600
Washington, DC  20005-3801
United States of America

202-400-3000 - Phone
202-644-8099 - Fax
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