The Align Project


Updated July 15, 2019


The Align project continues to make progress towards Release 1 at the end of Q3 2019. The project team held a tabletop exercise in May 2019 to demonstrate the functionality to the regional SMEs assigned to the project. There was great conversation and participation, and quite a bit of constructive feedback was received that will make Release 1 a robust product.

The feedback received required additional development and testing time, resulting in a postponement of the training scheduled for July through September. Revised training dates for trainers, regional staff and registered entities will be announced soon.

The Steering Committee reviewed two deployment options during its July 9th meeting, in consideration of the current schedule updates for Release 1 and the requested system enhancements from the SME group.

The Steering Committee agreed to Option 1, and have decided to launch Align Phase 1 Release 1 to the MRO and Texas RE regions by September 30th. The remaining regions will Go-live by November 1st. We will provide additional information on the full Release 1 Go-live schedule in the following weeks.

Below is more information on the options reviewed, and their pros/cons and considerations. Align Release 1 Go-live will also be supported with training materials and documentation detailing which processes will be completed in Align, including how to manage Coordinated Oversight, during the rollout.

As mentioned previously, we have several milestones to meet between now and September 1st for Option 1 to be successful, and the team is working diligently to meet them. Our first milestone was achieved this week, with completion of development of all requested changes from the May tabletop. We begin testing next week.

Our next major milestone is User Acceptance testing with this group the week of August 5.

Go Live Options Graphic.jpgContinue to visit this page for updates and announcements. If you have questions, you may contact your regional change agent or contact Dee Humphries, Director, Project Management Office, at



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Align Functionality by Release April 2019.pdfAlign Functionality by Release April 2019
Align Program Business Case.pdfAlign Program Business Case
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The objectives and benefits of the Align Project are:
  • Single, common portal for registered entities, enabling consistency of experience
  • Real-time access to information, eliminating delays and manual communications
  • Improved capability to support the Risk-Based Compliance Oversight Framework
  • Enhanced quality assurance and oversight, enabling consistent application of the CMEP
  • Improved analytics, including visibility into compliance and reliability risks
  • Increased capability to implement audit best practices and processes (planning, fieldwork, reporting, quality assurance)
  • Standardization and implementation of common business processes and workflows, enabling increased productivity (estimated 15 percent gain for ERO Enterprise CMEP staff)
  • Reduced application costs across the ERO Enterprise (reduce current costs by roughly 29 percent, $320k annual savings)
  • Projected investment break-even within five years