Control Systems Security Working Group (CSSWG)
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Control Systems are the “brains” of the control and monitoring of the bulk electric system and other critical infrastructures, but they were designed for functionality and performance, not security. Most Control Systems assume an environment of complete and implicit trust. The CSSWG is charged with working with other appropriate organizations to develop economical procedures to apply security into existing systems; as well as to look forward to have security built into newly designed or delivered systems. In addition, the CSSWG looks at Control System specific issues, such as patch installation and management, which cannot be blindly adopted from traditional IT methodologies. Objectives: Work with NERC groups, other industry groups, vendors and government to enhance their understanding of security issues within Control Systems Work with utilities, vendors, consultants, and government organizations including those with Control System test beds to identify and implement appropriate security technology and guidelines, both for existing and future implementations.

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