Security Training Working Group (STWG)


As described in the 2012 CIPC Strategic Plan, the CIPC will provide meeting attendees with an opportunity to participate in physical, cyber and operational security training and educational outreach opportunities. The Cyber Security Training Working Group (CSTWG) was proposed to assist in the cyber portion of these efforts. On 6 March 2012 the CIPC Strategic Plan was voted on, and subsequently approved by, the CIPC voting members.  In early 2013 it was proposed to merge the cyber and physical training efforts into one workgroup, the Security Training WG (STWG).


The STWG will:

  • Research and recommend processes to improve cyber and physical security awareness among all individuals working within our industry

  • Research and recommend processes to improve the skills and expertise of the security professionals in our industry

  • Strive to provide no or low-cost security training options to asset owners

  • Promote the use of the ES-ISAC as forum for discussion of security topics of common interest to the bulk electric system

  • Develop canned training program/guideline templates from industry input that can be built upon by the asset owners to ensure a consistent educational program across the industry

  • Coordinate with the ES-ISAC

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6May15 Mitigating the Insider Threat.pdf
Security Training Working Group Presents, "Mitigating the Insider Threat"
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Presentation:  Mitigating the Insider Threat
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Physical Security Training Working Group (PSTWG) Draft Charter.pdf
Physical Security Training Working Group (PSTWG) Draft Charter