North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)
NERC works with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) to coordinate the development of business practices and reliability standards for the wholesale electric industry. The members and staff of NERC and NAESB actively participate in both organizations, and NERC is a member of the NAESB Wholesale Electric Quadrant. NAESB representatives participate in NERC technical committees and regularly attend meetings of the NERC Stakeholders Committee and Board of Trustees.
NERC and NAESB have formed several joint subcommittees to deal with issues such as electronic tagging, transmission loading relief procedures, open access same time information protocols, and available transfer capability. These subcommittees help to coordinate the drafting of NERC reliability standards and complementary NAESB business practices to ensure that the final standards remain consistent as they proceed through each organization’s standards development process.
NERC and NAESB also work with the ISO/RTO Council through the Joint Interface Committee, which facilitates coordination among the three organizations. The committee reviews all standards development proposals received by NERC and NAESB to determine which organization should develop a particular reliability standard or business practice and minimize any overlap or duplication of effort in the development of related standards. A memorandum of understanding governs the joint committee and commits the parties to coordinate their annual work plans for standards development and major market and transmission tariff policies.
For more information on this activity, contact Andy Rodriquez at NERC.