Real-time Tools Best Practices Task Force (RTBPTF)
The purpose of the Real-time Tools Best Practices Task Force (RTBPTF) is to identify the best practices currently employed for tools used for building and maintaining real-time network models, performing state estimation and realtime contingency analysis, and maintaining situational awareness in accordance with NERC Operating Standards. An interim goal of the task force will be to develop guidelines for minimally acceptable capabilities for these critical reliability tools. The ultimate goal of the task force will be to recommend specific requirements for inclusion in new reliability standards for state-of-the-art real-time network modeling and network analysis and monitoring tools.

The task force shall take direction from and report to the Operating Reliability Subcommittee (ORS). The membership of the RTBPTF shall include a primary (voting) representative from the operations support staff of each Reliability Coordinator (RC). Task force members shall have a working level knowledge of model building and maintenance, state estimation, and real-time contingency analysis. Each RC may also provide an optional alternate representative. The chair and vice-chair of the task force will be appointed by the ORS as they see fit. Membership and voting privileges shall also be extended to Control Areas, Transmission Providers, and other entities responsible for reliable operations that are willing and able to contribute the time and expertise required to accomplish the goals of the task force. The ORS may invite technical experts from EPRI and academia to participate as non-voting members. NERC staff shall facilitate the meetings.