2018 PC Elections
2018 Election
File Type Date Description
Acrobat​07/18/2018​Planning Committee Election Results


​Sector 4.  Federal or Provincial Utility/Federal Power Marketing Association
Word07/2/2018​​Sector 6.  Merchant Electricity Generator
Word​07/2/2018​Sector 7.  Electricity Marketer
​Word6/8/2018​​Planning Committee Nomination Form
​Acrobat6/8/2018Planning Committee Open Positions for Election
Acrobat​5/30/2017Planning Committee Members 2017-2019
Planning Committee Charter (approved by NERC Board of Trustees: May 2018)
Acrobat​5/31/2013 Operating Committee and Planning Committee Selection Process (May 31, 2013)
  Submitted Planning Committee Nomination Forms
Sector 1.  Investor-Owned Utility
Acrobat06/28/2018​​Jason Spitzkoff
Sector 2.  State/Municipal Utility
Acrobat06/26/2018Arthur Iller
Sector 3.  Cooperative Utility
 Acrobat06/26/2018Joseph Sowell
Sector 4.  Federal or Provincial Utility/Federal Power Marketing Association
Acrobat06/26/2018Wayne Guttormson
Acrobat​06/26/2018​David Jacobson
Acrobat06/26/2018​​Steve Blackburn
Sector 5.  Transmission Dependent Utility
Acrobat06/26/2018Brian Zavesky
Sector 6.  Merchant Electricity Generator
Michael Goggins
Acrobat06/26/2018​​Kamran Ali
Sector 7.  Electricity Marketer
Acrobat06/26/2018Kyle VanderHelm
Acrobat06/29/2018​​William Allen
Sector 8.  Large End-Use Electricity Customer
Sector 9.  Small End-Use Electricity /Customer
Sector 10.  ISO/RTO
Acrobat06/27/2018Dana Walters
Sector 12.  State Government
 Cezar Panait