Geomagnetic Disturbance Planning Tools
NERC and the Geomagnetic Disturbance Task Force have undertaken projects to improve the availability of simulation tools and models for calculating geomagnetically-induced current (GIC) flows and assessing their impacts on the Bulk-Power System. As a result, many commercially-available software tools have emerged to support vulnerability assessment and mitigation planning. Where shortfalls in existing commercial analysis tools exist, NERC supports sharing applications and best practices that are developed by industry and are technically justified.
The applications below were developed at Hydro One, Ontario, Canada as part of a suite of tools for use in a real-time GIC monitoring and assessment environment. The thermal assessment tool is designed to carry out transformer thermal impact assessment for user-supplied transformer thermal characteristics. The geoelectric field calculator is designed to obtain geoelectric field time series from geomagnetic field time series assuming a user-defined earth model using the plane wave method.  Other applications or assessment approaches may also be available to effectively perform similar calculations or simulations. The associated user guides provide a description of each application, theoretical considerations, instructions for use, and technical references.
Terms of Use
The software applications below are provided at no cost for non-commercial purposes. See the user guide or the installation opening screens for limitations and terms of use. As stated in the user guide, software and written materials shall not be modified, merged, or included with other software or with other written materials without explicit written consent of Hydro One.

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