Probabilistic Techniques
Integration of Variable Generation Task Force (IVGTF)

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Probabilistic Related Files
References Size Date Task Force 1-2 - Joint RIS Techniques and Methods
Acrobat 1,223 KB 3/14/2011 Methods to Model Calculate Capacity Contributions of Variable Generation for Resource Adequacy Planning
Acrobat 411 KB 12/31/2009 IEEE  Capacity Value of Wind Power: Calculation and Data Requirements
Acrobat 448 KB 12/31/2009 IEEE Capacity Value of Wind Power
Acrobat 1,263 KB 10/29/2009 Wind Power Capacity Assessment Presentation, Mary Johannis - October 29, 2009
Acrobat 19 KB 10/6/2009 IVGTF Task Notes - October 6, 2009
References Size Date Task Force 1-4 - Flexibility Requirements for VG
Acrobat 1,818 KB 8/30/2010 Flexibility Requirements and Metrics for Variable Generation
Word 2,131 KB 4/8/2010 Current Draft of Flexibility Requirements and Metrics
Acrobat 120 KB 1/7/2009 Integration of Variable Generation: Capacity Value and Evaluation of Flexibility
Acrobat 102 KB 10/5/2009 Task 1-4 Conference Call Minutes - October 5, 2009
References Size Date Task Force 1-6