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Acrobat 173 KB 9/21/2012 DRAFT PC Response to 2011 Arizona-Southern California Outage
Acrobat 490 KB 9/21/2012 PC ExCom 100 kV Threshold Draft Assessment
Acrobat 481 KB 8/25/2011 Planning Committee Future Role of NERC Committees (report dated January 23, 2003)
Word 287 KB 3/22/2011 NERC Comments FERC SG v2
Word 273 KB 12/06/2010 NERC Comments FERC NOPR on Integration of Variable Energy Resources V7
Acrobat 100 KB 5/11/2009

Planning Committee Comments for the NERC Three-Year Performance Assessment




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Adequate Level of Reliability

Definition approved by PC and OC in Dec 2007

Completed Task Force Archived Material
Reliability Impacts of Climate Change Initiatives Task Force (RICCITF)