Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF)
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Word 645 KB7/7/2011 Work Plan with Comments from SGTF F2F
Word 655 KB1/24/2011Smart Grid Appendix 2 Work Plan
Acrobat 55 KB2/18/2010Smart Grid Task Force Reference Documents
Acrobat 79 KB12/7/2009NERC Comments on NIST Smart Grid Cyber Security Strategy and Requirements
Acrobat 50 KB12/7/2009NERC Comments on NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards
142 KB12/13/2010Smart Grid Task Force Scope (approved 12/08/10)
Agendas, Minutes and Conference Call Summaries
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Acrobat 4715 KB7/8/2011Smart Grid Task Force (SCTF) Presentations from June 2011 Meeting
Acrobat 171 KB6/13/2011Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF) Meeting Agenda - June 23, 2011
Acrobat 65 KB1/18/2011Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF) Meeting Agenda - January 20, 2011
Word 39 KB2/24/2010Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF) Report Table of Contents Outline