2019 RSTC At-Large Nominations


The NERC Board of Trustees approved the formation of the NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC) at its
November 5, 2019 meeting and is seeking nominations for At-Large representatives. For the initial seating of the RSTC, members
will be elected for either a two-year or a three-year term, pending selection by the Nominating Subcommittee and the approval
by the NERC Board of Trustees at its February 2020 meeting.

Selection of At-large members will allow for better balancing of representation on the RSTC of the following:
  • Regional Entity and Interconnection diversity (i.e., goal of having at least one representative from each Interconnection
    and Regional Entity footprint);
  • Subject matter expertise (Planning, Operating, or Security);
  • Organizational types (Cooperatives, Investor-Owned Utilities, Public Power, Power Marketing Agencies, etc.); and,
  • North American countries, consistent with the NERC bylaws (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.).


The At-Large nomination period will run from December 27, 2019-January 10, 2020.


2019 RSTC At-Large Nominations
File TypeDateDescription
Link11/8/2019​​RSTC At-Large Nomination Form
​Acrobat11/8/2019​RSTC Charter (Approved by the Board of Trustees: November 5, 2019)
 Submitted RSTC At-Large Nomination Forms
Acrobat​1/10/2020​Brent Sessions
Acrobat​1/10/2020Michael Melvin
​Acrobat​1/10/2020​Karl Perman
​Acrobat​1/10/2020​Debbie Currie
​Acrobat​1/10/2020​Lloyd Linke
Acrobat​1/9/2020 William Allen 
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Dan Woodfin
​Acrobat​1/9/2020​Thomas Chadwick
​Acrobat​1/9/2020​Todd Lucas
​Acrobat​1/9/2020​Jeff Billo
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Jodi Jensen
Acrobat​1/9/2020​Michael Desselle
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​David Grubbs
​Acrobat​1/9/2020​Devon Tremont
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Alex Benoliel
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Maggy Powell
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Jason Sizemore
​Acrobat​1/9/2020​Mar Lane
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Thomas Siegrist
​Acrobat​1/9/2020​Chris Wagner
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​David Ball
Acrobat​​1/9/2020​Jeff Harrison
Acrobat​1/9/2020​Joseph Grzeczka
Acrobat​1/6/2020Brenda Davis
Acrobat1/6/2020Barry Jones
​Acrobat​1/6/2020Ernest Owens
​Acrobat​1/6/2020​Brian Evans-Mongeon
​​Acrobat​1/6/2020​​Ian Grant
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Patrick Doyle
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Saul Rojas
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Jay Spradling
Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Jeffrey Fuller
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Keith Carman
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Wayne Guttormson
​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​​Steve Parker
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Terry Volkmann
Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Louis Guidry
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​David Mercado
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Doug Peterchuck
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Pete Brandien
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Robert Blohm
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Roman Carter
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Sandra Ellis
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Matthew Beilfuss
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​David Short
​Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Michael Goggin
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Nicholas Morton
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Karie Barczak
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​David Jacobson
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Collin Martin
Acrobat​​​1/6/2020​Herbert Schrayshuen
​​Acrobat​1/6/2020​​Gayle Nansel
​​Acrobat​1/6/2020​​Karin Schweitzer
​​Acrobat​​1/6/2020​Rich Hydzik