RSTC Special Election - Sector 8 - Large End Use Electricity Customer

Due to a member resignation, the Reliability and Security Technical Committee will hold a special election to fill one (1) seat in Sector 8: Large End Use Electricity Customer. The elected member will complete the remainder of the term for the vacated seat.  If a sector cannot fill an interim vacancy, then that sector seat will remain vacant until the next annual election. Interim sector vacancies will not be filled with an at-large representative.

The Sector nomination period will run from August 28-September 18, 2020.

            RSTC Special Election - Sector 8
File Type Date Description
Link11/8/2019​​RSTC Sector Nomination Form
​Acrobat11/8/2019​RSTC Charter (Approved by the Board of Trustees: November 5, 2019)
  Submitted RSTC Special Election Sector 8 - Nomination Forms
Acrobat9/21/2020​Travis Fisher
Acrobat9/21/2020Thomas Siegrist
Ballot Form9/21/2020​​Sector 8 Special Election Ballot Form - Due by October 5, 2020
​Election Results​10/9/2020​Sector 8 Special Election Results