2019 RSTC Sector Election

The NERC Board of Trustees approved the formation of the NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC) at its November 5, 2019 meeting and is seeking nominations for Sector representatives. For the initial seating of the RSTC, members will be elected for either a two-year or a three-year term.

The Sector nomination period will run from November 12-December 6, 2019 and two members for each Sector will be sought. The Sector representation process will follow the current OC and PC election process. If no more than two nominations are received for a particular Sector, the two nominees will be deemed to have been elected for those positions. In the event that there are more than two nominees in any Sector, there will be a Sector election process to determine the two representatives for that Sector. Any unfilled Sector positions on the initial seating will convert to At-Large seats to be filled through the Nominating Subcommittee.

2019 RSTC Sector Election
File Type Date Description
​Acrobat12/27/2019​​RSTC Sector Election Results
Link11/8/2019​​RSTC Sector Nomination Form
​Acrobat11/8/2019​​RSTC Open Sector Positions for Election
​Acrobat11/8/2019​RSTC Charter (Approved by the Board of Trustees: November 5, 2019)
​Acrobat​5/31/2019Operating Committee and Planning Committee Selection Process (May 31, 2013)
  Submitted RSTC Sector Nomination Forms
Sector 1.  Investor-Owned Utility - (2 open positions)
Acrobat12/5/2019​​David Ball
Acrobat11/12/2019Gerald Freese
Acrobat11/26/2019​​Charles Long
Acrobat​12/4/2019​Collin Martin
Acrobat12/4/2019​​David Mercado
Acrobat11/12/2019Kayla Messamore
Acrobat11/18/2019​​Greg Stone
Sector 2.  State/Municipal Utility - (2 open positions)
Acrobat​11/12/2019​Art Iler
Acrobat​12/6/2019​Brian Irish
Acrobat12/5/2019​​Saul Rojas
Acrobat11/12/2019Chris Shepherd
Sector 3.  Cooperative Utility - (2 open positions)
Acrobat​12/4/209Marc Child
Acrobat12/4/2019 Ben Engelby
Sector 4.  Federal or Provincial Utility/Federal Power Marketing Association - (2 open positions)
Acrobat​11/26/2019​Patrick Doyle
Acrobat11/12/2019Edison Elizeh
Acrobat​12/6/2019​Wayne Guttormson
Acrobat11/26/2019​David Jacobson
Acrobat​12/2/2019​Robert Reinmuller
Sector 5.  Transmission Dependent Utility - (2 open positions)
​Acrobat​11/12/2019​John Stephens
​Acrobat11/18/2019Carl Turner
Sector 6.  Merchant Electricity Generator - (2 open positions)
​Acrobat​12/6/2019​Michael Goggin
​Acrobat12/4/2019​​Sheranee Nedd
​Acrobat11/18/2019Allen Shriver
Sector 7.  Electricity Marketer - (2 open positions)
Acrobat​11/13/2019​William Allen
​Acrobat​11/13/2019​Jodirah Green
Acrobat11/18/2019Kyle Vander Helm
Acrobat​11/18/2019​Todd Lucas
Sector 8.  Large End-Use Electricity Customer - (2 open positions)
Acrobat12/5/2019​Venona Greaff
Acrobat12/6/2019​​John Hughes
Acrobat11/18/2019​Susan Lemieux
Acrobat​12/6/2019​Maggy Powell
​​Acrobat​12/6/2019​Lloyd Webb
Sector 9.  Small End-Use Electricity Customer - (2 open positions)
​​​Acrobat​12/6/2019​Robert Blohm
​​Acrobat12/5/2019​​Darryl  Lawrence
Acrobat​12/5/2019​David Mulcahy
Acrobat​11/18/2019​Steve Parker
Acrobat11/12/2019Herb Schrayshuen
​​Acrobat​12/4/2019​Reigh Walling
Acrobat​11/26/2019​Luke Weber
Sector 10.  ISO/RTO - (2 open positions)
Acrobat12/5/2019​​Christine Hasha
Acrobat12/6/2019Wesley Yeomans
Sector 12.  State Government - (2 open positions)
​​Acrobat12/5/2019​​Christine Ericson
Acrobat12/6/2019Cezar Panait