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​SC Charter

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Submitted for BOT Approval​ ​   February 6, 2014

Consensus Building Options
Upfront Consensus Building Option A

Upfront Consensus Building Option A (Revised Formatting 10/31/13)


Upfront Consensus Building Option B


Upfront Consensus Building Option B (Revised Formatting 10/31/13)

Upfront Consensus Building Option C

Upfront Consensus Building Option C (Revised Formatting 10/31/13)









Supporting Documents:

Unofficial Comment Form (Word)

Comment Period



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10/31/13 - 11/25/13
Standards Development Project Tracking Spreadsheet ​For Information ​04/12/13
Guidelines for NERC SC Coordination with the RISC ​Approved by the SC on March 7, 2013 ​04/02/13

Standards Committee Strategic Plan

 Standards Committee Strategic Work Plan 2013-2015

Standards Committee Charter

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Submitted for BOT Approval​ ​1/16/2013
Standards Committee Charter - for SC Review

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Review 12/21/2012    
The proposed revisions to the NERC Standard Processes Manual (SPM) were approved by the NERC Board of Trustees at its February 2013 meeting and will be filed with applicable regulatory authorities:
Interpretation Documentation:
Request for Interpretation Form

Guidelines for Interpretation Drafting Team

Template for QR of an Interpretation of a  NERC Reliability Standard

Processing a Request for an Interpretation

Standards Committee Charter
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Submitted for BOT approval 4/18/2011    

Standards Committee - Draft Standard Prioritization Tool and Reference Document
SC Project Prioritization Worksheet

SC Reference Document for Project
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Unofficial Comment Form (Word)
Informal Comment Period
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1/21/2011 - 2/10/2011 Comments Received>> Consideration of Comments>>

Updated SC Project Prioritization Worksheet
The Proposed Modifications to NERC’s Standards Development Processes have moved to the following link:

Roles and Responsibilities Document — July 13, 2011

Standards Committee E-mail Ballot Results — March 2009