Adequacy of Essential Reliability Services, Fuel Assurance Integral to Bulk Power System Planning, Operations
ATLANTA – Ensuring adequate levels of essential reliability services and fuel assurance are key to enabling a rapidly changing resource mix, meeting renewable policy goals and maintaining a highly reliable and resilient bulk power system, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s long-term assessment finds.
The ongoing shift away from coal and nuclear generation through retirements and canceled projects over the next decade is accompanied by major additions of natural gas, wind and solar resources, as well as tightening reserve margins in some areas the 2017 Long-Term Reliability Assessment concludes.
Essential reliability services including voltage support and inertia help maintain the stability of the bulk power system. The influx of generation from natural gas and renewables provides industry with a unique set of challenges and opportunities to maintain the system’s inertia and other essential reliability services.
Posted On: 12/14/2017