Anticipated Resources Sufficient for this Winter, NERC Finds

ATLANTA – Adequate generation and transmission resources are in place across the United States and Canada to meet a normal winter demand and anticipated reserve margins are at or above recommended levels, NERC’s 2017-2018 Winter Reliability Assessment finds. Assessment areas strengthened programs for reliable fuel delivery and dual-fuel generation while continuing outreach on ensuring winter preparedness.

Three natural gas pipeline outages in the southern California area and potential gas supply limitations associated with low inventories at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility could pose a reliability threat to the electric system under certain extreme weather conditions.

The California Independent System Operator and Southern California Gas Company have taken steps to manage the risk to electric reliability. Mitigation options include increasing electricity imports into the Los Angeles area when needed, increasing natural gas pipeline capacity from neighboring areas, and holding more electricity reserves to respond quickly to gas shortages.

2017-2018 Winter Reliability Assessment

Posted On: 11/20/2017