Benefits of Information Sharing Highlighted in E-ISAC How-To Document
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Information sharing between bulk power system owners and operators and the E-ISAC plays a key role in helping to identify cyber and physical security trends and potential threats.
The E-ISAC developed the guide -- Understanding Your E-ISAC -- to highlight benefits of E-ISAC membership, define roles and responsibilities, and outline ways to share information. The guide details everything stakeholders need to know in order to benefit from the myriad products and services available via the free E-ISAC membership. Topics include: the E-ISAC’s organizational outline, types of information to share, available tools and products, and safeguards in place to protect member information.
“The E-ISAC relies on data from industry to provide the most timely, relevant and actionable information,” said Marcus Sachs, NERC senior vice president and chief security officer. “With this information, the E-ISAC provides industry with analysis focused on current and emerging threats to better protect their assets. Members learn from each other, share best practices, and use actionable information to make their organizations—and industry as a whole—more secure.”
Posted On: 06/30/2016