Board Authorizes Expansion of ES-ISAC Role to Improve Information Sharing; Adopts Four Standards
VANCOUVER – The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Board of Trustees adopted four standards at its August 14 quarterly meeting in Vancouver. Opening remarks were made by Ken Quesnelle, chair of Canadian Association of Members of Public Utility Tribunals (CAMPUT); Len Kelsey, chair of British Columbia Utilities Commission; and David Erickson, chief executive officer of Alberta Electric System Operator. Gerry Cauley, president and chief executive officer of NERC, opened the meeting with remarks on the success of collaboration with U.S. and Canadian stakeholders and noting significant initiatives of the ERO. 
“Our work on developing relationships with industry, both in the United States and in Canada, has been helpful and fruitful. To continue this progress, we must have adequate and thorough input from stakeholders and ensure our efforts stay transparent,” Cauley said. “NERC has had significant success on many initiatives this year, including physical and cybersecurity, Today we take an important step on expanding the role of the ES-ISAC. This is of strategic importance to NERC and is a fundamental element of reliability.”
The Board authorized a resolution to expand the Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ES-ISAC) duties to include the operation of the Cyber Risk Information Sharing Program (CRISP). The program, which is a natural maturation of NERC’s cybersecurity initiatives, will improve the ES-ISAC’s ability to detect threats and the reliability of the bulk power system. The addition of this program is consistent with NERC’s philosophy that bulk power system operators are best able to protect the system when they are provided information to better understand a threat to reliability.
Posted On: 08/14/2014