California Independent System Operator, FERC and NERC Reach Settlement Agreement
WASHINGTON, DC – A settlement agreement was issued between the California Independent System Operator, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation on November 28 in the amount of $6 million for violations of NERC Reliability Standards by CAISO related to a September 8, 2011 system event. The civil penalty of $6 million will be split as follows: $2 million between the U.S. Treasury and NERC, and $4 million in investments for CAISO reliability enhancements that go beyond the mitigation of the violations resolved in the settlement agreement.
The agreement is the fifth settlement related to the FERC-NERC joint investigation into the outage that left more than five million people in Southern California, Arizona and Baja California, Mexico, without power for up to 12 hours.
CAISO stipulated to the facts in the agreement. Additional non-public, preliminary investigations related to other entities involved in the September 2011 event are ongoing. Click for FERC announcement and link to CAISO Stipulation and Consent Agreement.
Posted On: 12/01/2014