Chief Security Officer Leaves NERC
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Marc Sachs resigned as senior vice president and chief security officer, effective November 27. Sachs joined NERC in April 2015.  NERC will conduct a search for a new chief security officer.
Tim Roxey, who is currently a NERC vice president and chief operations officer for NERC’s Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC), will serve as interim chief security officer with executive responsibility for oversight of the E-ISAC and directing security risk assessment and mitigation initiatives. Bill Lawrence, who is a NERC senior director with the E-ISAC and recently led NERC’s successful grid security exercise (2017 GridEx IV), will have day-to-day management responsibility for E-ISAC operations, including execution of its industry-supported strategic plan.
During the interim period, William Fehrman, president and chief executive officer of MidAmerican Energy Company and vice chair of the Members Executive Committee (MEC), has agreed to provide strategic counsel and guidance to the E-ISAC, particularly focused on its expansion as part of the E-ISAC strategic plan included in NERC’s 2018 business plan. The MEC is an industry-wide committee made up of senior electricity executives, appointed by the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council, to provide industry leadership and expertise to guide and support the E-ISAC.
“I am confident the E-ISAC, under Tim and Bill’s leadership, will continue to effectively carry out its responsibilities. In just the last few weeks, the E-ISAC has led a very successful grid security conference (GridSecCon) and GridEx IV, which had extraordinary industry and government engagement with more than 6,000 participants,” said Charles Berardesco, interim president and CEO. “In addition, we will continue to push forward, with industry support and guidance, the expansion of the E-ISAC as detailed in its strategic plan, which has been endorsed both by industry and the NERC Board of Trustees.” 
Posted On: 11/27/2017