ERO Enterprise Launches Quarterly Compliance Podcast

ATLANTA – NERC is pleased to announce the launch of the new quarterly ERO Enterprise compliance podcast called “Currently Compliant.” Hosted by ERO Enterprise subject matter experts (SMEs), “Currently Compliant” is intended to be a quick way to bring attention to frequently asked questions on which the SMEs have some clear insights to share. While there are multiple places to look for compliance material, “Currently Compliant” hopes to be viewed like a Q&A session after a workshop or catching up with the experts over an appetizer and beverage at a reception. The SMEs always strive to bring you useful and correct insights, but the facts and circumstances of your situation may not fit their assumptions. It’s always best to reach out to compliance contacts at your relevant Regional Entity for specific questions.

The inaugural episode is focused on PRC-019-2 R1 and features the following regional SMEs:

  • Keith Smith, Manager, O&P Compliance Monitoring, Texas RE
  • Rumyana Kreidler, Senior Risk Assessment and Mitigation Engineer, MRO
  • Kimberly Griffith, Senior Compliance Engineer, NPCC
  • Brian Thiry, Manager, Entity Engagement, ReliabilityFirst 
  • Ryan Mauldin, Senior Compliance Assurance Advisor, NERC

For any suggestions or questions, please contact and put “Currently Compliant” in the subject line.

Currently Compliant: Episode 1

Posted On: 02/09/2021