ERO Enterprise Strategic Plan and Metrics Posted
ATLANTA – The ERO Enterprise Strategic Plan and Metrics 2017–2020, which identifies the vision, mission, and core values and principles for the ERO Enterprise, is posted. The plan, approved by NERC’s Board of Trustees in November, de­tails the contributing activities for five identified goals and outlines metrics focused on measuring progress on reliability improvement. Each goal is mapped to associated metrics, and the contributing activities are each mapped as applicable to associated risk profile recommendations from the Reliability Issue Steering Committee’s 2016 ERO Reliability Risk Priorities: RISC Recommenda­tions to the NERC Board of Trustees.
The five ERO Enterprise strategic plan goals are: risk-responsive Reliabil­ity Standards; objective and risk-informed compliance monitoring, enforcement, and organization certification and registration; identification and mitigation of significant risks to reliability; identification and assessment of emerging risks to reliability; and effective and efficient ERO Enterprise operations. The ERO Enterprise Strategic Plan and Metrics is developed with input from stakeholders, the RISC, the NERC Board of Trustees and Regional Entity Boards, and is a key input into the annual business plan and budget.
Posted On: 12/21/2016