FERC, NERC Issue Report on Grid Restoration, Recovery Plans Absent SCADA, EMS
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In September 2014, NERC and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission assessed entities’ plans for restoration and recovery of the bulk power system following a widespread outage or blackout. An initial report was released in January 2016, the FERC-NERC-Regional Entity Joint Review of Restoration and Recovery Plans.
Based on those recommendations, FERC and NERC initiated another study – Planning Restoration Absent SCADA or EMS (PRASE) – that focused on the potential impact of the loss of SCADA, Energy Management System or Intercontrol Center Communications Protocol functionality on system restoration, and the manner in which such impact could be mitigated.
The objective of the study was to assess entities’ system restoration plan steps in the absence of SCADA, ICCP data, and/or EMS, and identify viable resources, methods or practices that would expedite system restoration despite the loss of such systems.
Posted On: 06/09/2017