FERC, NERC and the Regional Entities Release Joint Review of Protection System Commissioning Programs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On November 4, 2021, FERC, NERC and the Regional Entities released a joint review assessing certain registered entities protection system testing or protection system commissioning (PSC) programs and procedures. This project was initiated after a review of a sample of the Misoperation Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) data indicated that an estimate of between 18 percent and 36 percent of misoperations in MIDAS, on January 1, 2019, can be attributed to issues that should have been detected through PSC. The goal of the review was to reduce misoperations attributable to PSC by identifying opportunities for improvement and developing recommendations and best practices for registered Transmission and Generator Owners PSC programs. The joint staff review was not a compliance or enforcement initiative. In conducting this review, the joint staff review team gathered information and examined PSC programs from a representative sample of eight participants with diverse bulk power system geographical locations and one contractor entity with experience aiding registered entities with their PSC programs. The joint staff review team assessed the existence and thoroughness of various elements of each participants PSC program and procedures.

The joint staff review team identified best practices and opportunities for improvement in the participants​programs/procedures and developed associated recommendations, which are discussed in this report. These recommendations and best practices are voluntary; they do not impose any obligations beyond those required by the relevant Reliability Standards. Thus, to obtain the intended benefits from this report, Transmission Owners, Generator Owners and Distribution Providers are encouraged to assess their own PSC programs and procedures and implement relevant recommendations and best practices where appropriate.​

Posted On: 11/08/2021