FERC Proposes to Approve Standards, Revisions and Budget Policy at Open Meeting
WASHINGTON, DC – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued proposals to approve revisions to 11 NERC Reliability Standards, a new glossary term and NERC's Working Capital and Operating Reserve Policy at its monthly open meeting.
FERC issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to approve nine proposed standards related to transmission operations and interconnection reliability operations and coordination, recognizing that these standards improve upon, clarify and consolidate the currently enforceable versions of the standards. FERC indicated that NERC has adequately addressed concerns raised in a November 2013 proposed rule and seeks comment on certain issues.
FERC issued a second notice of proposed rulemaking to approve EOP-011-1 – Emergency Operations, which addresses the effects of operating emergencies; PRC-010-1 – Undervoltage Load Shedding, which consolidates the reliability principles in four existing standards into a single, comprehensive standard; and revisions to the term “Remedial Action Scheme.” The revised definition will ensure consistent classification and proper identification of these systems and clarify the use of the term across 20 standards.
Finally, FERC conditionally accepted revisions to NERC’s Working Capital and Operating Reserve Policy and directed NERC to make a compliance filing within 60 days.
NERC appreciates FERC’s actions and its recognition of the reliability benefit they will provide. 
Posted On: 06/18/2015