Final EPA CO2 Rule Yields Significant Renewable Resource Additions, Highlights Key Reliability Services
ATLANTA – Combined wind and solar capacity will rise by 10- 20 GW over the next 15 years, while coal capacity will decline by up to 27 GW as a result of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation concludes.
State Renewable Portfolio Standards and extensions of production and investment tax credits for renewable energy, along with the Clean Power Plan, are expected to add about 120 GW of wind and solar resources to the bulk power system between now and 2030. Without the Clean Power Plan, the state standards and federal tax credits would add 100-110 GW of renewable capacity between now and 2030, according to Potential Reliability Implications of EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Phase II.
The accelerated transition in the mix of generation resources means a greater emphasis on how renewables and other resources provide essential reliability services – voltage control, load ramping and frequency response.
Posted On: 05/19/2016