Grid Resiliency Demonstrated during January Polar Vortex
ATLANTA –The bulk power system showed its resiliency during the January 6-8, 2014 polar vortex weather event, according to a report by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. NERC’s Polar Vortex Review shows that bulk power system reliability was maintained despite sustained record-low temperatures occurring over a large geographic area in North America. Many areas experienced day-time high and overnight-low temperatures that were between 20 degrees and 30 degrees below normal, with 49 cities setting new record lows. As expected, key factors during the event included fuel deliverability issues, natural gas pipeline outages, gas service interruptions, frozen electricity and gas equipment and other extreme cold weather operating challenges. During the event, grid operators employed techniques, such as voltage reduction and demand-side management to ensure the bulk electric system reliability was maintained.
Posted On: 09/30/2014