GridEx Helps Identify Lessons Learned, Recommendations for Enhancing Grid Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Assuring the reliability and security of the bulk power system continue to be focal points for NERC and industry. Focused on that mission, NERC hosted its fourth grid security exercise – GridEx IV – in November. In its report on the exercise, NERC identified recommendations and lessons learned to enhance grid security and information sharing based on feedback from the more than 450 participating organizations and 6,500 individuals.

Facilitated by NERC's Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center, GridEx IV was the largest exercise to date with participants from industry, government law enforcement and the private sector. The two-day event consisted of an exercise scenario with an executive tabletop for senior industry executives and government officials and provided an opportunity for stakeholders to respond to simulated cyber and physical attacks that affect the reliable operation of the grid.

"The level of participation in GridEx IV shows the commitment that NERC and industry have toward improving security and information sharing,"  said Bill Lawrence, director of the E-ISAC. "GridEx continues to be a vital part of our cyber and physical security training and education efforts."

Announcement | GridEx IV report

Posted On: 03/30/2018