GridEx III Showcases Steady Improvements on Participation, Coordination
WASHINGTON, DC – NERC’s recent grid security exercise, GridEx III, showed continued improvement to coordination, communication and emergency response actions on how industry would respond to a cyber or physical attack from previous exercises, a summary of the exercise found. The GridEx III report reviewed findings from the scenario to measure attainment of exercise goals, and includes feedback from GridEx III participants.
GridEx III planners designed the large-scale cyber and physical attack scenario to overwhelm even the most prepared participants. The scenario for the distributed play portion of exercise highlighted how essential it was for participants to conduct well-coordinated communications within their own organizations, across the electricity sector, with government and with the public. The Executive Tabletop portion of the exercise included a robust discussion on unity of messaging, the collective effort to protect the grid and the use of extraordinary measures for restoring power.
Posted On: 03/31/2016