Industry Experts Author Paper on Climate Change Impacts to the Grid


ATLANTA – Mark Lauby, NERC senior vice president and chief engineer, co-authored and reviewed a report on the grid and climate change as part of IEEE's, Power & Energy Society (PES) Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC). The report “Importance of T&D Grid Modernization to Mitigate Impacts from and Adapt to Climate Change, discusses the significance of a modern, resilient grid as the foundation for a clean energy future. Global energy experts provided input into the report, which identifies practical solutions to enable stakeholders meet the emerging challenges associated with climate change.

Climate change impacts in the form of widespread, long-duration extreme weather events have affected the performance of the bulk power system and created increasing operational challenges over the past few years, said Lauby, who is also an IEEE Fellow. This report is great example of how NERC works with the reliability ecosystem, in the form of industry experts, leveraging their shared knowledge and expertise to provide practical solutions to mitigate grid vulnerability.

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Posted On: 04/08/2022