Lauby Speaks on International Planning Practices
PANAMA CITY, PANAMA Mark Lauby, senior vice president and chief reliability officer, acted as moderator and technical subject matter expert on a panel in Panama City, Panama, as part of the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) focus on integrating renewables in Central America.
Lauby and Hector Beltran, director general of Reliability at Comisión Reguladora de Energia in Mexico, participated on a panel focused on international practices for planning the operability of power system with high amounts of variable energy resources.
Integrating large quantities of variable energy resources into the North American bulk power system requires significant changes to electricity system planning and operations to ensure continued reliability. International collaboration and the sharing of best practices provide opportunities to jointly identify and develop strategies to assure the reliability of the interconnected bulk power system.
Posted On: 10/27/2016