Make Plans to Attend Distributed Energy Resources Workshop in August
NERC will host its Distributed Energy Resources workshop on August 23 in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference – Maintaining the Reliability of the Bulk Power System with the Integration of Large Amounts of Distributed Energy Resources – will focus on challenges and opportunities in bulk power system planning and operations associated with larger-scale integration of distributed generation.
The workshop will serve as the foundation for technical and stakeholder input for NERC’s Distributed Energy Resource Task Force, which will use the input to develop its final report on reliability considerations and future efforts.
The workshop will be designed to create general awareness of DERs, including definitions, operating characteristics, the need for observability and control, and appropriate load and generation modeling to evaluate potential impacts to BPS reliability. It will also examine the operation of DERs during disturbances and effects of variability and ramping on real time operations. This is a collaborative opportunity to share information for effectively integrating distributed energy resources on the grid, while still maintaining reliability. As the Electric Reliability Organization, NERC is committed to continuous learning and improvement of bulk power system reliability.
Posted On: 08/01/2016