NERC Focuses on the Future, Enhancements to Stay Ahead of Urgent Risks
ATLANTA – NERC’s first Board of Trustees meeting of 2022 reflected the many achievements of the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) in 2021 while stressing the importance of planning for the future. Given the complexities of the rapidly changing grid, the Board is focused on enhancing NERC’s processes to ensure timely risk mitigation.

“We accomplished our 2021 objectives, including increasing our collaboration; enhancing our Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) abilities with Align and the ERO Enterprise Secure Evidence Locker; and further transforming our relationships with the Regions and stakeholders,” said Jim Robb, NERC president and chief executive officer. “Looking forward, the rapidly changing ecosystem warrants renewed focus on emerging risks along a multi-year horizon. It requires a review of NERC processes to ensure that we stay ahead of risk.”

Posted On: 02/10/2022