NERC Releases Long-Term, Winter Reliability Assessments
WASHINGTON, DC – During the next ten years, the electricity industry faces a number of emerging reliability issues driven by transformational changes in the industry. The changes include a resource mix with more reliance on natural gas-fired generation, a reduction in coal-fired capacity, and significantly larger amounts of variable generation — mostly wind and solar – and demand-side management, according to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) 2012 Long-Term Reliability Assessment.

The annual long-term reliability assessment provides an independent, ten-year view of the electricity industry by evaluating key reliability indicators, including peak demand and energy forecasts, resource adequacy, transmission development, changes in overall system characteristics and operating behavior, and other issues that may impact the reliability of the bulk power system. This year’s report focuses on eight key findings.
Also released is NERC’s 2012/2013 Winter Reliability Assessment, which identifies three key
findings that highlight either a common theme across North America or a region-specific challenge.
Posted On: 11/29/2012