NERC Releases Third Episode of Compliance Podcast

​ATLANTA – NERC is pleased to announce the release of the third installment of its compliance podcast, “Currently Compliant. Hosted by ERO Enterprise subject matter experts (SMEs), “Currently Compliant​ is intended to be a quick way to bring attention to frequently asked questions on which the SMEs have some clear insights to share.

Currently Compliant: Episode 3 focuses on the recent release of the Cold Weather Practice Guide as well as CIP-008-6 – Cyber Security — Incident Reporting and Response Planning, which went into effect in January 2021.

The Cold Weather Practice Guide discussion features the following SMEs:  

  • Ryan Mauldin, Senior Engineer, Compliance Assurance, NERC
  • Craig Struck, Senior Auditor, Grid Planning & Operations Assurance, NERC

The CIP-008 discussion, which begins around the 17-minute mark, features the following SMEs:

  • Kenath Carver, Manager, CIP Compliance Monitoring, Texas RE
  • Lonnie Ratliff, Senior Manager, Cyber and Physical Security Assurance, NERC

For any questions or suggestions for future topics, please contact and put “Currently Compliant" in the subject line.

Posted On: 12/08/2021