NERC Staff Presents Paper at IEEE Latin America Conference
ATLANTA – AC circuit outages and transmission equipment failure are the topics of a technical paper NERC will present at IEEE’s Latin America conference in September. The paper presents a statistical analysis of forced ac circuit outages initiated by failed transmission equipment and human error.
The paper, North American AC Circuit Outages Initiated by Transmission Equipment Failures and Human Error, was authored by Mark Lauby, senior vice president and chief reliability officer; Howard Gugel, senior director of Standards and education; and Svetlana Ekisheva, principal statistician. The paper will be presented at IEEE Power Engineering Society’s Transmission and Distribution Latin America 2016 conference in Morelia, Mexico, on September 22.
The paper discusses results based on the North American combined inventory and outage data collected in NERC’s Transmission Availability Data System for ac circuits and includes recommendations and actions to address the risks associated with transmission equipment failures and human error. After the paper is presented at the conference, it will be available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
IEEE’s Latin America conference includes presentations by recognized worldwide experts, technical papers and tutorial courses along with an industrial exposition. The conference focuses on the current state of the art and lessons learned from techniques and practices developed by leading international companies and utilities.
As the Electric Reliability Organization, NERC is committed to continuous learning and improvement of bulk power system reliability and appreciates the opportunity to present at the conference.  
Posted On: 09/08/2016