NERC and IEEE Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Bulk Power System Analysis, Standards, Cyber Security
ATLANTA – The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and IEEE recently entered an agreement to identify and launch joint initiatives on key issues, including coordination on bulk power system analysis, cyber security and the interface between NERC Reliability Standards and IEEE equipment standards. With the transformation of the North American bulk power system, cooperation and coordination between IEEE and NERC is timely. Harmonization across standard-setting organizations, like NERC and IEEE, supports the continued reliable operation of the bulk power system. Challenges at the forefront of the industry such as system protection, power system modeling, inverter-based resources, technology integration and cyber security require close cooperation between NERC and IEEE on the jurisdictional authorities of both groups and the high reliability and security of the bulk power system.
Posted On: 11/23/2016