Natural Gas Reliance, Distributed Energy Resources Among Long-Term Reliability Challenges Facing Industry
ATLANTA – Natural gas dependency, distributed energy resource challenges and maintaining essential reliability services as the resource mix changes are among the most pressing emerging reliability issues facing bulk power system reliability, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s long-term assessment finds.
The 2016 Long-Term Reliability Assessment concludes that anticipated reserve margins are sufficient across North America for the next five years. While the assessment shows substantive plans for maintaining capacity resources beyond 2021, significant uncertainty about plant retirements and new resources emerges sooner in some areas. For example, unconfirmed retirements totaling 3.3 GW and 7 GW in MISO and ERCOT respectively occur as early as 2018 and could compromise resource adequacy without the needed replacement capacity.
Posted On: 12/15/2016